mercredi 1 mai 2013

Suffering and Greatness

Suffering and Greatness
suffering and greatness

Throughout the history, there were great persons in different fields of life, people who help and direct us towards all the noble things in life. Those People will be remembered in the history of the world. And which history always cites them. When we look to their achievements, we admire them. However, when we look to their life, we find that they suffered lot. But, their suffering was a push and motivation for them. This is greatness. Let’s try to make from our suffering greatness in which one day; a person from history will remember us as great people. Maybe history will not mention us, because history for sure cannot gather all the great people, but at least let us be great in our own point of view. The only difference between suffering and greatness is your attitude. Only the attitude that we create towards our sufferings determinates either our greatness or inferiority, not in history but in our own life and because life is the basis of history, and because attitudes of life decide who is great and who is inferior; this, make us conclude that greatness is related to each one’s point of view. Be great in the way you see yourself and according to your own conditions, and always remember the only difference between suffering and greatness is your attitude. It is like the difference between failure and success. It is up to your attitude towards things. Be great, because you know that you deserve to be great and work for your greatness. Again, the only difference between your suffering and your greatness is your attitude 

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